Art Assets

We have very talented artists that have worked in the industry, we understand the process of development from concept to production.  We worked together with Quark Games to redesign the Valor relaunch marketing assets as well as new in-game art, including new UI elements.


Consultation and Community Management

From 2016 till...well we're still doing it. We actively consult with Quark owners to bolster the Valor IP and ramp up the re-launch of this amazing game. We are active with the Valor community on a daily basis. We manage all live ops, social media, marketing efforts, in-game events and specials. We've reduced the attrition YoY by 46% That is something we hang our hats on!

Digital Marketing

Along with producing all the art assets for community management, we also organize, produce and manage all the digital marketing needs. From social to PPC, we manage the entire process for Quark Games and the Valor IP.